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About us

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The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba was founded by organic law in 1963, with the purpose of protecting and developing the local, national and international interests of commerce, industry and services. It is an autonomous and self-financed non-profit organization. It constitutes an institution of promotion and services to the business sector. It is a public law entity that represents the associated Cuban business sector and assists the State in drawing up policies based on the information it has in its permanent contact with the business sector. Its main actions are aimed at providing specific services. Its basic range of activities is based on the following lines of work:

- Providing services to entrepreneurs, both nationally and internationally.

- Promote the exportable offers of products and services, as well as business and investment opportunities for Cuban companies and the substitution of imports, for the benefit of the national economy.

- To provide services to its associates, to the branches of foreign companies accredited in the country, as well as to foreign entrepreneurs interested in doing business with Cuba.